Country Finance Analyst I (China)
Shanghai, China


Job Purpose*

This position is to ensure the smooth AR process for the internal & external customers and process the USD payment and urgent payment to vendor. To ensure receivable items are been collected timely and fully. Jointly responsible for AR team’s KPI target

Roles & Responsibilities*
  • Check LI# on the bank Slip in RRS and chop FCR/HBL to release FCR/HBL and sign off the OPS release log

  • Compose the number of all the bank slips received from OPS and Scan all the bank slips to GSCAR

  • Check with GSCAR for the unclosed or problem bank slip reason and coordinate with FLO OPS

  • Input VAT invoice no# into ACS123 daily

  • Check printed VAT inv. cancel record in VAT system with OPs

  • VAT Invoice purchasing
  • Handle the USD payment and urgent payment.


  • Bachelor Degree; Major in finance or accounting

  • 0-2 years of work Experiences in FNA
  • Good Microsoft office skills especially Excel

  • Fluent in verbal and written English
  • Good communication skills and team work


Key Result Areas

Follow the AR process and meet the KPI