General Manager, Deconsolidation Services (DNS) (United States)
Los Angeles, United States


JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                 

1. Summary Description

This position is responsible for overall performance of the DNS LOB.  Including; financial budget, business plan, product development, marketing, 3PL vendor relationships, commercial contracts, operations management, SLA/KPI reporting, AR/AP approval, and information technology solutions in support of APLL’s Deconsolidation Services. This includes developing and executing a comprehensive product business plan for the DNS LOB, aligning the marketing initiatives with the global business strategy and budget/revenue plans for the DNS Product, managing ongoing communication to the internal commercial sales organization, providing sales support, conducting competitive analysis, product performance, vendor selection and management. 

2. Key Result Areas

What does the job need to deliver? How is it measurable?

Individual performance measures (KPIs) required of the job that align with company goals and ensure accountability for the delivery of measurable results and clear linkage to the Performance Management Tool (PMT)


Keys Results (KPI’s)

Result Measurement (Metric)

Develop and expand the services in support of APLL’s deconsolidation activities to include selection and contracting of 3PL vendors.


Develop DNS business plan and financial budget and deliver profitability goals.


Create, develop and distribute the DNS business plan and budget for the Americas Region and manage DNS G&A team and 3PL vendors to insure successful performance against annual budgets.


Interface with APLL commercial staff to insure sound product promotion through product training, RFP support, collateral creation and customer pricing.


Manage 3PL vendor and DNS G&A team development of SOP’s to drive operational performance and insure customer SLA’s, KPI’s and account profitability is achieved.


Focus on the improvement of DNS processes, to include IT solutions in order to insure customer’s needs are met for high quality, cost effective services, at the same time meeting Corporate values and objectives.



3. Key Accountabilities/Job Duties (6 –7 items)

Asterisk (*) essential functions & assign % of time to each function listed (Job duties should be listed in order of importance with essential (most critical and largest % of time) first and marginal duties last; Total % of time to equal 100%).  Minimum % of time for accountabilities/job duties is 10%.




Develop 3PL vendor contracts and relationships in multiple geographies to execute product business plan focusing on operational core competencies, geographic reach, and product differentiation and segmentation in order to insure sound product positioning. Provide fact-based analysis and present business cases for new product opportunities.


Develop the NAM DNS budget and manage resources and vendors to deliver budget profitability goals.  Work closely with finance team with AR, AP and monthly financial close process to ensure proper account of financial performance.  Responsible to manage, measure and provide variance analysis on performance gaps. 


Manage DNS pricing process, including pipeline dashboard reporting, PowerPoint presentation material, support sales team with RFP responses and participate as needed in sales calls.


Manage customer contracts, SLA’s, KPI’s, and day to day operational reporting, customer communication and problem resolution. 


Stay abreast of developments in the IT space, working closely with IT to improve DNS data and process flows, to proactively develop product enhancements in a dynamic competitive environment.


Participate in presentations to customers, sales, and industry organizations, etc


Build a high functioning team (G&A and 3PL Vendors) by organizing, planning and directing team to ensure an efficient DNS operation.






"This document represents the major duties, responsibilities, and authorities of this job, and is not intended to be a complete list of all tasks and functions.  It should be understood, therefore, that incumbents may be asked to perform job-related duties beyond those explicitly described."

4. Reporting relationships:

Supervisor, dotted line reporting, direct reports, indirect reports, key peers

Reporting Relationship



Immediate Manager/Supervisor

Director, Operations


Dotted Line



Direct Reports (titles and quantity)

Senior Manager DNS

Manager DNS


Indirect Reports

Customer Service Reps


Key Peers

Key Account Managers


Please attach (or paste below) the supporting organization chart with the job description.

5. Key Internal/External Relationships– who, why, how often

(Do not include routine supervisor/subordinate communications)


Who (Internal or External)


How Often

Internal Sales Team

Business Growth/Retention


Internal Finance Team

AR/AP/Monthly Close


External 3PL Vendors

Business Management


External Customers

Business Management


6. Typical problems and decisions required

What is the level of the problem solving and independent judgment



What sorts of problems are typical for the job?

What decisions are required and what references/guidelines are used?


What decisions are required to be referred to supervisors?

Capacity constraints (port, drayage, X-dock, trucking)

Providing alternative  service solution options to customer.

Impacts to company liability (legal, financial, contractual)







7. Descriptive Quantitative Data


Budget size/ sales targets (US$)

(please provide data specific to the position and/or Country/region/function where the position reports into)





  • Revenue



  • Operations



  • G&A



Geographic reach/span




8. Job Qualifications

Skill Sets

•          Must possess exceptionally strong verbal and written communication skills.

•          Strong interpersonal skills with experience leading cross functional teams.

•          Proven strategic and tactical skills.

•          Demonstrated leadership skills in creating financial budgets and operating plans  within the logistics environment.

•          Strong PC skills with proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & presentation software tools.

•          Knowledge of TP trade, retail as key vertical

•          Knowledge of CNS and IFS services

Education/Experience, skill sets, desired competencies;

Show which are ‘required’ and which are desired or nice to have.


Required Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Logistics, or Business Administration, or a related field.


Minimum 3-5 years of experience in management role with knowledge of operational, financial, sales support, vendor management, pricing, preferably as it relates to international logistics and supply chains.

Skill Sets


Language Skills



9. Physical Attributes and Working Conditions

Physical effort/mobility and special working conditions required;

Each line should include specificity, intensity under working conditions and, by use of the codes, frequency, and duration noted below.

Frequency Codes

R = Rarely (less than 0.5 hours per day)                      C = Continually (5.6 - 8.0 hours per day)         

O = Occasionally  (0.6 - 2.5 hours per day)                         N/A = Not Applicable

F = Frequently (2.6 - 5.5 hours per day)                                  


Describe all physical requirements to be performed based on “essential” duties described in Key Accountabilities/Job Duties.  (If normal physical efforts only, please note “Normal office physical efforts”)


Physical Attributes:

Frequency code:

Normal office physical efforts









Describe any conditions of the physical environment which an employee in this job may find adverse, unpleasant or hazardous. 


Work Conditions:

Frequency code:







The company is committed to and supports equal employment opportunity and affirmative action to all employees and applicants for employment. Equal employment opportunity means equal treatment of employees and applicants without regard to the following legally-protected characteristics: race, color, religion, creed, sex (gender identity), pregnancy (including childbirth and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, age (40 and over), medical condition, genetic information (including characteristics and testing), veteran status, physical or mental disability status or any other legally-protected status.