Manager II, Operations Management (Cambodia)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Job Purpose*

This position is responsible for:

·       Delivering APLL commitment to key customers, meeting day to day operations requirements of the customers.

·       Managing a team of logistics coordinators to achieve operations excellence through defined and agreed processes.

·       Supporting the local engineering and sales development team in the sales process, and engineer opportunities into customized supply chain solutions


Roles & Responsibilities*

1.     Operations:

·       Supervise, monitor and guide logistics Coordinators to comply with customers’ and vendors’ requirements.

·       Execute established processes and audit measures to support and meet customers’ requirements at agreed level.

·       Keep continuous improvement (CI) and modernizing the facilities.

·       5S and SSE implementation including regular training and audit.  

·       Liaise with other functional/departmental managers so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development, and to ensure they are fully informed of customer services objectives, purposes and achievements.

·       Oversee and maintain operations reports and inventories records, prepare reports and analysis to forecast space and resources requirements to cope with changing volume trends.

·       Periodic review of costs and revenue, conduct benchmarking exercises and ensure APLL continues to be competitive in the market place.

·       Streamline processes to achieve cost savings and ensure profitability

·       Deploy resources amongst inter/ intra department to ensure sufficient resources are allocated to manage changes in volumes and increasing demands of customers.

·       Manage service providers to ensure compliance to customers’ requirements.

·       Ability to communicate/work/negotiate with service providers especially 2PL.

·       Facility analysist, facility risk management and backup plan solution.

·       Continuously identify and train a team of Logistics Coordinators to meet the demands of customers in a professional manner.

·       Conduct periodic reviews and training to service providers especially 2PL team, warehouse tallyman and labours.

·       Manage trucking activities for inbound shipment, factory to CFS and outbound shipment, CFS to CY including customs formality and clearance.


2.     Business Solutions:

·       Support business development teams in the sales process to win business for the organization and to meet revenue and margin objectives.

·       Analyse the effectiveness of client’s operations, develop optimal and well-conceptualized logistics solutions, and work with country sales team to develop detailed proposals including solution design, cost models, process flow simulation, and other logistics factors within customer defined timelines.

·       Work closely with Country Customer Service Lead and Sales team to develop pricing solutions and perform profit and loss analysis for customer business opportunities.

·       Manage and develop suppliers for sourcing and procurement of contract logistics that includes customs and transportation services.



·       Preferably University Degree or equivalent qualification.

·       With minimum 3-year-working experience in logistics operations / solutions.

·       Good communication & presentation skills in Cambodian and English 

·       Analytical skills

·       Project management skills

·    Ability to effectively & efficiently adopt/adapt information technology and logistics solutions as an enabler to supply-chain processes.

·       Pro-activeness, self-motivated, eager to learn.

Key Result Areas

·       Monitor and ensure that tariffs are updated, available for commercial and tender purpose.

·       Run successfully product development to support commercial development.

·       Meet and exceed timeliness of submission of proposals and solutions.

·       Meet and exceed presentation and layout expectations of submitted proposals and presentations.

·    Ensure customers’ requirements are understood and complied by service providers, customer service representatives and vendors.